August 1st 2016 10:58 PM EST

Dead End Junction almost Greenlit!

Let's push it over!

Hey everyone! Did you get a chance to look at the greenlight for Dead End Junction? This is a title that's been a staff favorite for a while now. We've been working on it in the background - infact the localization is already complete, and we're planning it for a September release if the greenlight succeeds!

We were thinking of doing something interesting with the title in the field of localization. Something like, adding translation notes on the achievements. The achievements would really only detail your overall reading progress, so, how about adding in some history to our over-the-top wild-west terms?

We're really excited about this release and want to show it off as a powerhouse of our localization ability. We hope everyone will support it - the themes really hit home, especially with some of the topics that have been influencing the U.S. conversation lately. 773 did a really good job with this one so we hope everyone votes it up!

Work in Progress (・∀・)b
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