Northern Enchantress Expansion Arrives for Heart of Crown PC!


Northern Enchantress Expansion Arrives for Heart of Crown PC!

WILMINGTON, Del. – March 16, 2018 The battle for the crown continues! Culture Select and Japanime Games announced today the international release of the Northern Enchantress Expansion for Heart of Crown PC on Steam! Created by FLIPFLOPs and developed by illuCalab, Northern Enchantress takes the action to the snowy hinterlands, adding new cards, new stories, and new challenges to the base game Heart of Crown PC.

Nestled at the very edge of the Empire is the Northern Limit Territory, frosty domain of the ambitious witch-princess Anastasia. Having inherited these frozen lands from her mother, a powerful witch and mistress of the late-emperor Hellard, Anastasia’s royal lineage compels her to keep a watchful eye on the ongoing race for the Imperial throne. Wielding her powerful illusion-based magic, she plots her next step to succession…

Northern Enchantress Expansion Features

  • 13 unique cards interplayable with the base game: new mechanics expand gameplay!
  • New Princess: Anastasia, Witch of the Northern Limits!
  • Unique theme song for each Princess sets the mood for the race to the throne!
  • Heart of Crown Soundtrack: 15 majestic tracks for your listening pleasure!
  • More Card Sets! Pre-built and proven fun, themed around the new cards and more!
  • New scenarios sighted! Delve deeper into the mysteries of the Northern Limit Territory through dozens of unlockable scenario stories!
  • Fully compatible with the base game! Play multiplayer using non-expansion cards with any Heart of Crown base game player!

What is Heart of Crown PC?

The Emperor has suddenly passed away, leaving seven heirs to the royal throne. Which princess will you promote in this battle of succession? At its core, Heart of Crown PC is a deck-building card game in which players use their power, resources and influence to build stronger decks. A player’s ultimate objective is to meet the victory conditions before their opponents and lead their Princess to the throne.

Heart of Crown PC and the Northern Enchantress Expansion have no deceptive F2P card pack systems or real money gachas. In this type of game, players build a new deck as they play through each match, drawing on equal footing from the available cards in each round! Culture Select runs a community discord server for the game here:! Discuss strategies, arrange matches and more!

To celebrate the launch of the Northern Enchantress Expansion, we’re giving everyone a great chance to join the war for succession! Get the base game Heart of Crown PC for $19.99 (20% off) or Northern Enchantress Expansion separately for $7.49 (25% off). Save an additional 15% with the Heart of Crown Complete Set bundle, and get the base game + expansion for $23.38 during the release sale period! The Northern Enchantress Expansion for Heart of Crown PC is available now on Steam at:

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