Culture Select: Summer Sale 2018!

Summer Sale 2018 is finally here! Celebrate this sunny season by treating yourself to the great anime game deals we’re serving up this summer: Check them out below!

Moékuri: Adorable & Tactical SRPG
Cute meets Hardcore Tactical Strategy, with hearty portions of both! Tons of creatures (anime girls), classes and characters for near endless replayability! Under $5 for the first time on Steam!

Dead End Junction
Follow Jo as she sets out on the journey of a lifetime. Hard-hitting themes from a unique perspective. It’s a Wild West adventure that’s sure to get your horses going!

Heart of Crown PC
Coronate your princess and take the Imperial throne! Battle on a level playing field with up to 4 human or cpu players! Deck-building card game: no booster packs or freemium gameplay here!

Heart of Crown PC – Northern Enchantress
A new challenger appears! Icy witch princess? Bring it on!! Hobbies: Going for Walks. Favorite Snack: Northern Apples.

One Small Fire At A Time
What is madness?
What is sanity?
Just ask Janis…?

Wish -tale of the sixteenth night of lunar month-
Rocking old-school Type-Moon style like it’s 2000 all over again. Give in to MIGIHA’s elaborately crafted worldbuilding and immerse yourself in Wish. Our very first project! Thank you to all our supporters!

This is a great chance to pick up and discover new stories and new experiences through this fine selection of anime games and visual novels. Want to learn more? Check out our official Culture Select Publisher Page on Steam! Culture Select’s Summer Sale 2018 runs from June 21st-July 5th, 2018! Don’t miss it!

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