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Summer Sale 2021!

Hello Everyone! It’s the time of year you’ve all been waiting for: Steam Summer Sale is here! From June 24th to July 8th, all of the anime games in our catalog are on special limited offer! Lose yourself in a compelling visual novel, hone your strategic skills, or take the fight online with these great titles we have for you this summer!

Heart of Crown PC

Deck building gameplay with a twist! 7 princesses compete for the kingdom using magic, intrigue, wealth, science, and when all else fails, force! Who will reign victorious? Channel your inner Machiavelli and put your candidate on the throne! A faithful recreation of the physical card game, with AI and online multiplayer support so you can scratch that card-gaming itch anytime.

Northern Enchantress, the first DLC expansion for Heart of Crown PC is also available! Featuring new cards, new gameplay opportunities, and an icy witch princess from the North. Don’t miss this chance to get both the base game and the expansion in a bundlesave even more!

There’s a lot of opinions about which princess is best princess but we can all agree that Flammaria Klam-Klam FLAMMARIA is the best and Klam-Klam Flammaria KLAM-KLAM is the worst. Okay, maybe we can’t agree.

Moekuri: Adorable & Tactical SRPG

Just like the title suggests, Moekuri is full to the brim with adorable monster anime girls and hardcore strategy action! This unique combination does not disappoint! With over 151 cute characters to collect and use, more than a dozen different Master types to play, and a full featured story mode with extra challenge stages on top, Moekuri will tease your brain for hours upon hours of satisfying tactical gameplay!

As a huge SRPG (slash TRPG) fan, I was really blown away by the variety of the units. There legit are over 151, and none of them play the same. This ain’t your “oh I have three Fighters that are basically the same but different passives” kinda game. There are varying summon costs and delays as well, where “weaker” ones are available faster and “stronger” ones take longer to hit the field, so you never have to outgrow your favorites if you don’t want.

Just remember: Susu is Justice! And Justice always wins!

Dead End Junction

A fresh take on the traditional Wild West setting with an incredible narrative and a unique art style from 773 (Cherry Tree High Comedy Club). Jo, a young gunslinger-wannabe, is stuck in a one-horse town. Seeking adventure and excitement like the stories in the dime novels she loves, her life is soon turned upside down when a mysterious letter arrives from the President…

Jo is hands down my favorite protag of all time. I don’t want to spoil, so I won’t go into detail, but really. I’m also a giant sucker for good character banter, and the back-and-forth zingers from this cast are always on point. Even if you hate Westerns, I can’t recommend this enough if you’re looking for a fun read that also hits on some serious themes in a really satisfying way—without getting super dark or gritty.

Swear to god one day I’ll get this thing a TV show.

One Small Fire at a Time

Explore the mysteries of the city of Overture! One Small Fire at a Time is a standalone prequel to An Octave Higher, acclaimed steampunk visual novel by Kidalang. A visual novel that explores mental illness and expands on the backstory of Janis. Inspired art direction and design lead you on a journey through madness.

Punctuated by heartwarming slice-of-life and comedy moments, the struggle of life with mental illness is the underlying theme that drives this work. One Small Fire at a Time is not afraid to wax philosophical, and I really identified with Janis and the other residents of the madhouse. Frustration and angst mingle with determination, and one can’t help but be moved by this well written story.

Wish: -tale of the sixteenth night of lunar month-

Our very first title, read the story that started it all! This retro-styled Type Moon-inspired kinetic visual novel by MIGIHA takes a classic approach to VN storytelling that weaves an epic narrative with layers of characterization. Supernatural, battle, and human elements combine to create a compelling read.

If you have any interest in main characters that aren’t afraid to drop kick guys wielding giant scythes I implore to give this a read. Besides being a good story and a throwback to early Type Moon writing, of course!

And that’s the round-up! Don’t miss out on these excellent savings, Steam Summer Sale ends on July 8th, 2021!

Be safe y’all.

Moé Days of Summer Sale 2018!

Ahh, the Moé Days of Summer. It’s blazing hot out there and all the terrain is burning up into scorched fields! But never fear, there are plenty of creatures in Moékuri that are just perfect for the season! Check out this list of top 5 summer creatures, and be sure to catch them all in Moékuri: Adorable & Tactical SRPG, now 60% off on Steam until July 27th, 2018!

5. Phoenix

Phoenix, a fire type. Not only does she enjoy bathing in flames, if she does manage to perish to catastrophic heat stroke, she’ll be reborn from the ashes and back on the field in no time!

4. Koropokkur

You might think a cute little Ice Dwarf like Koropokkur has a snowball’s chance of surviving any contact with magma, but this plucky little forest dweller can Glaciate her surroundings into sub-zero comfort, while cooling off her Master too~.

3. Yggdrasil

With a nickname like “The World Tree”, Yggdrasil is the perfect companion for a bright sunny day. Seek shelter in the expansive shade beneath her mighty branches, and revel in the community of like-minded creatures that gather around her roots.

2. Kelpie

If you’re planning on going for a swim, bring Kelpie with you! Her ability to predict the death of people by drowning makes her the perfect lifeguard– although her tendency to drag those who approach her to a watery grave is a bit counterproductive…

1. Kraken

Kraken is a magical beast who is most at home in the water, but she also likes to sunbathe on the shore! Her nimble tentacles allow her to move quickly both on land and sea. If you want a public beach all to yourself, just send her out there and it’ll be clear in no time! Definitely a solid choice for some summertime fun!

#1: Susu is justice and justice always wins

Susu isn’t a creature per se, but she’s a master elementalist who can use her trained abilities to switch between various useful elemental forms. There’s Water, for when you feel like turning your backyard into a swimming pool. We’ve got Ice, to help keep those air-conditioning bills down! And Fire Susu, because Fire Susu is just burning up with justice and sometimes she just wants to set bad people on fire and they burn more easily when it’s hot out and… yeah, really don’t mess with Susu.

Get Moékuri Today!

And that’s a wrap! Find all of these wonderful creatures in Moékuri: Adorable & Tactical SRPG for 60% off until July 27th, 2018. With tons of replayability, over 151+ creatures to catch and use in battle, and a hardcore tactical system that’ll tease and tantalize your brain for hundreds of hours, don’t miss this great chance to moéify your summer!

 Interview with Migiha!

Shori’s journey to the physical grounds of his influences from Type-Moon, as brought to you by his Saber figure!

Hello everyone, this weekend we ventured out and and did an interview with Doujin Circle Migiha! As we all know, while Wish and all the products and contents of our campaign are an original story, a lot of Migiha’s influence did come from a Type-Moon influence – both present and attributed in the art and writing of Wish.

We took some time to interview “Jeffrey Manson“, the lead programmer behind Migiha, and managed to get a short Q & A from Shori, and asked some questions about how Migiha became its own studio. The interview has been translated for you by Andrew Prowse, who’s interview you can see in our earlier updates!

Read More ” Interview with Migiha!”